Upload Designs

how to upload thumbnails, mockups and source files (zip format.)
to upload files to the contributor gallery, it is done in two steps:

1.1. first you open dasboarb (your account)
1.2. After being in the artees column you are on the designs list, then scroll down so that the add new design button is found and click the button.
1.3. By clicking the new design button you will be taken to the form artees. That's where you start filling out the design form.
1.3.1 title is the name of your design
1.3.2 Description fill with this words

.... title .... is made in .... your application like photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw, etc ..... and ready for print.
Specification file:
-Available in .... format
-Size and resolution ... "X ..." 300DPI.

It can be used for digital printing, screen printing, Direct to Garment or t-shirt printing, etc.
1.3.3 Type click the radio button for virtual download.
1.3.4 Category is a tag for click + ctrl category tags to tag more than one tag.
1.3.5 Main Category You just let it be on the designs list.
1.3.6 Licensed Price You need to fill in the amount that you specify (your total income is 50% of the license price you listed there, the remaining 50% is for module financing, software, hosting, advertising costs etc.)
1.3.7 Thumb and mockup: You use files provided on free or make it yourself with a size of 800 x 800 pixels with the jpeg format. max size 150 kb with low or medium quality.
click browse first for thumbnails
click browse second and third to mockup.
and click SUBMIT
* You ignore Zip first. Column file (it will be done in the second step)

2. to enter Zip. Your file returns to the Artees dasboard and in the action column click edit, which you just submitted after that you enter the zip file (max. 40MB) and click submit.

All designs will pass through the selection and admin has the , add, correct, right to register and /or delete every metadata of the design and design itself.

if the design cannot be uploaded, don't hesitate to contact our design team at designer@sightees.com